Online Forums for High Schools

Spring 2002 Pilot Topic: Racial and Ethnic Tensions

This program links students in participating high school classes with students from other high schools across the Commonwealth. When fully implemented the program will run twice each year and participating teachers will have the option of enrolling in online courses for graduate credit and/or Act 48 credit.

The spring 2002 pilot involves four high schools, six teachers and 200+ students organized into twelve online discussion groups. The schools are representative of the diversity of populations across the Commonwealth. Trained pre-service teachers serve as moderators for the online discussion groups. At the conclusion of the online forum, participating students and teachers will be brought to the Lock Haven University campus for a face-to-face forum.

Because of the powerfully engaging experience of the online forum, there are numerous ways for teachers to integrate the online experience into a variety of courses, from social studies to English. Participating teachers will be free to make whatever classroom use of the online experience suits their teaching objectives.

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